For an Innovated Better Africa,

we strive to to harness the youth dividend in key sectors fostering enterprise development and taking Ideas 2 Market

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It’s a Knowledge Economy

The backbone of all of our projects and initiatives is education; at the heart of our work we strive to develop and maintain thought-leadership in an ever-changing continent. We work to train and equip the future leaders.

Beyond just surviving in the Savannah.

Savannah, the African economic terrain is a brutal cut-throat that can derail highly impactful movers. Our simple mandate translates into providing an enabling environment for the daring to build legendary entities.

B2C Bantu is hinged at the intersection of these three focus areas.

Governance & Policy0%

Education (Knowledge)0%



Problem Oriented

As old industries and job functions disappear over time, new more relevant one’s will replace them. B2C Bantu through its vast ecosystem that allows young innovators and entrepreneurs to thrive as they work towards an Innovated Better Africa.

B2C Bantu asks only 3 questions:

  1. What Problem are you solving?
  2. How are you solving the problem?
  3. How can we help you scale?